To obtain proof of insurance, or ID cards, give us a call at 585.546.2810, or CLICK HEREto send us a message. ID cards can be printed in our office, or sent via email. 

Obtain ID Cards:

Policy Changes:

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Nobody expects these things to happen but It's important to have a company who knows how to help protect you. After all, that is why you have insurance.

In some cases, filing a claim will be required, for example when an injury occurs. But not all situations require a claim to be filed. A clean insurance record keeps your rates low, so before you file, take that into consideration. If you need help deciding whether to file, give us a call,, we can give you expert advice.

To file a claim: First you must file a police report of the incident. Then, locate your insurance company on our Affiliates list. Click on the link for filing a claim, and follow the instructions there.

To make changes to your policy, you may contact us via phone, email, or in person. Please provide us with the documentation if necessary.


Call now to find out how: (585)546-2810

We have many different payment options. You can :

  • Pay your premium in full, which would give you a bulk discount.
  • Enroll in automatic payment deduction from a checking account or credit card, which also give you a discount.
  • Make cash payments in our office.

Save yourself the hassle of calling 1-800 numbers and waiting on hold. Let us do the dirty work. To file a claim, make policy changes, or any other questions, feel free to contact us directly- (585) 546-2810, or CLICK HERE to send us a message. 


FilING a Claim: